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Escape2vr have been dedicated practitioners of using Virtual Reality in wellbeing since 2018. We love empowering clients to get the feeling of travel without massive financial cost and effort. This allows clients to discover the amazing world, quite often, so unreachable in later life.

Imagine the feeling of bringing old and new memories to life. Being able to bridge the gap of what we remember during happier times whilst providing a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which to relax and enjoy.


We always aim to add to our already extensive library and integrate new ideas and experiences into our repertoire. We can even supply Cyber Shoes to provide the user with a feeling of walking through a certain location.

Another of our very effective experiences is actually for the care staff. The Dementia experience allows the carer to understand how it feels to be a Dementia sufferer by putting them in the mind of someone with dementia. This is an incredibly clever way to train staff so they know how to deal with the conditions of dementia.

We have been asked so many times to attend shows with Escape2vr as this truly is something very different when considering a form of entertainment or for treatment. 

                      Case Study

We have been pioneers in bringing Virtual Reality to care homes with outstanding results.

One care home resident who had previously experienced three strokes had been left severely disabled and could only communicate by using a board to point to. Sadly, she hadn't engaged with the care staff and, since her arrival into the care home, had not shown any signs of wanting to communicate. We visited in early 2019 and were thrilled when the resident signalled that she was interested to see what Virtual Reality was all about!

​A dog lover, who was now trapped inside her own body, unable to walk and talk, was now in a room surround by 12 golden retriever puppies, thanks to VR! The happiness was undeniable and what's more, she was so happy she wanted to talk about it! She used her communication board for the first time since arriving in the care home, to tell her son how much she enjoyed the experience! We now visit every 2 weeks and go on many adventures together and I get the biggest smile whenever I walk through the door!


As Seen On BBC 'Look East' 


The Care Home Show 


The Festival For Older People 



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