So what happens when I book Escape2VR?

We use what is called the Oculus Quest 2 headset which is loaded with many fantastic experiences for your clients to view or take part in. Our staff are by the client's side for the entire experience and will also assist in putting on the headset and taking it off. We load the content and the user simply just has to sit back, look around and enjoy. Absolutely no effort is required by the user to make this activity work. We have now used Virtual Reality with 100's of clients with disabilities and equally the same amount of clients aged between 75 and 105. In Education settings children as young as 10 have enjoyed experiencing Virtual Reality.

Anyone who isn't using the Virtual Reality equipment can also see what's going on via the TV. We have the facility to show everyone what's been seen on television but the only difference is they won't be seeing it in Virtual Reality. The magic comes alive inside the headset!

We appreciate In Care Homes Virtual Reality maybe something really strange to your residents and many would never have seen anything like it and for this reason, we make sure they totally understand how it works. Virtual Reality is like a big pair of glasses that swaps what you can see in real life and transports you to a world of immersive imagination. You will see people fully believing that they are somewhere different and feel that they have been to the place they see. Don't be surprised to see them waving or talking to someone who isn't really there! 

Virtual Reality can actually take you on a bucket list experience without leaving your chair! All of our clients want us back because traveling to these places in the real world may not be possible anymore due to their personal circumstances. Several of our clients are completely bed-bound and will never see the outside world again, so imagine the feeling they have when on every visit they choose a different experience...

Each person gets around 5 minutes inside the headset at a time and in a visit up to 2 hours long we can see up to 20 people or if you haven't got 20 people we can give 2nd and 3rd experiences to those that have enjoyed it. However, we can supply more than one headset but this will require a further member of the Escape2VR team.

We are so passionate about what we do because of the reaction and feedback we get from our wonderful clients!