Frequently Asked Questions 

How does it work?

When you book Escape2vr, a friendly member of staff will come along usually between 10:30am and 12:00pm or 14:00 and 15:30. Of course, these times are just examples and are  flexible. We will set up and then encourage the residents to have a go! Even the most nervous of residents love the experience as we can cater for everyone's tastes.

what is the content available in the vr?

From visiting places you've been to before to walking through beautiful fields or maybe just sit on a beach watching the waves roll in? How about a trip to Venice on a gondola or watch the amazing Northern Lights? Watch your favourite animals having their own adventures? The choice is really yours!

How many people can use the VR in 1 session?

Usually we manage to fit in around 15 guests per session. Each experience is around 5 minutes long. We find that 5 minutes each time is suitable for someone who hasn't had experience of using VR. Everyone else can watch on a big screen so can join in the fun!

does the client need to be able to move around while using the vr?

We bring along a very special comfortable chair that can slowly rotate to see everything around them. However, if needed, we can come to whatever chair the resident is seated in so they don't even have to move!

We also put the head set on and make sure the client is comfortable and stay by their side throughout the experience .

Can our clients have more than 1 go?

Absolutely yes, providing we have enough time and all of the other guests have had a go, we can certainly provide everyone again with a new experience. We have over 100 fantastic experiences and add to them all the time. Something new every visit maybe?

Some of our residents are unable to leave their beds ...

Imagine being restricted to your bed and unable to leave the room. We can take the VR right to the client's bedside and take them on a journey all over the world! Believe us, they will think they have been on an adventure afterwards! 

Your Questions 

Any other questions you have? drop us an email and we will get right back to you.

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